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TB Service Provider Registration

What is the reason for your registration?

    - Select this if you are a private physician or a point person/encoder of a facility that will notify TB cases.

- Select this if you are a personnel from a TB service facility and laboratory that record and report NTP requirements; to track MTBN implementation; and/or if you are from an office or organization who wishes to have viewing access in ITIS reports.

Privacy Notice: All information collected through this site shall be used for the purpose of (1) database of TB care providers for reporting TB Human Resource-related indicators, (2) basis for processing of ITIS account, and (3) contacting for patient referrals and informing of NTP activities. Your contact details will be accessible by all ITIS users while personal information such as Birthday and PRC Number shall be accessible only by the approval party. If you wish to revoke your registration, you may send us an email via All information collected will remain secure and confidential within authorized personnel only.